Options for Obtaining Small Claims Court Forms

Filing a small claims court petition requires specific forms.  The good news is the forms are standardized and thus can be use in any small claims court.  Some small claims courts may have one or two forms unique to that court that are available at the court house in hard-copy or from the court’s web site in electronic copy. To find out if you need additional forms, call the clerk of the court and ask if you’ll need any forms beyond the standard small claims court forms.

Option 1:  Complete Forms Package  – Only $5!

It includes ALL of the official standard forms (A through J) for filing Small Claims petitions, and it includes additional documents such as the notice of small claims, proof of service, and satisfaction of a judgment.   

Option 2:  Download the Small Claims forms from this site: cost is FREE but time-consuming!

Option 3: Purchase pre-made kits from stationery stores. Costs range from $14.95 to $49.95

Note: Not all stationery stores carry Small Claims forms, so consider calling ahead. Also, pre-made kits require you to complete all forms by hand…another very time-consuming process. If you use this option, I highly recommend making copies of the original forms so you can practice filling them out.

Option 4: Pick up the forms from the nearest Small Claims Court.  As with the stationary stores, the forms are hard-copy, so you will need to complete them by hand. You might also check to see if the court has a website that offers downloadable forms.  

Save time and effort! Get all forms in one convenient package.

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